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At ROWLL™ we strive to be the leaders in the field of cannabis consumption innovation.

The patented ROWLL™ all-in-1 rolling kit was born by a group of friends in Israel out of a simple but eager goal, to simplify the rolling process on the go.

Nobody wants to carry around papers, tips, a grinder, a rolling tray and a storage case. That's 5 different items that take up lots of space and you're bound to lose at least one of them.

ROWLL™ delivers the best value for money, by bringing together everything cannabis consumers needs to roll the perfect joint in one small, classy, state of the art kit!

Our Vision

Our vision from day one was to solve the problem of carrying around a handful of items needed to roll a perfect joint.

Additionally, we wanted to deliver a solution that is driven by quality and integrity, while ensuring the well-being of our heath and the sustainability of our planet.

Social impact

We're commited to help people with special needs.

Our products, such as ROWLL™ rolling kit, are assembled and packed by individuals with disabilities, providing equal employment opportunities for all.



ROWLL rolling papers are made from the finest quality, environmental friendly ECO materials.
Contain no colors, no flavoring and no burn additives.